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Tell us your story, your vision and we’ll show you how we can be of service.

Our services tend to fall under three different categories: hourly consultation, on-site coordination and full-service planning. Generally, we start with a consultation to learn more about your wedding and how we can be of service, and then we create a proposal from there. To give you some insight into our services, here’s a breakdown:

Full-service Coordination

Our full-service coordination services runs the gamut. Couples have told us “this is our wedding day, and this is the location; we just want to show up”. More commonly couples want to be a part of the process, but recognize they just don’t have enough hours in the day to plan the wedding they’ve envisioned.

On-site Coordination

Our on-site coordination services are geared towards couples who are doing all the planning themselves. Our services kick-in a month out so that we’re not playing catch-up the week before your wedding or on your wedding day. This doesn’t mean that we boot you out (unless you’re ready to hand it over), it just means that we become a part of the process. In our world, it’s all about planning and being best prepared for your wedding so that we’re properly suited to see your vision through.

Hourly Consultation

Our hourly consultation services are great for the DIY couple that truly has it figured out, but welcomes our expertise when they hit a roadblock. This is great when you need assistance with a certain aspect of your planning, from selecting a venue to booking and coordinating with various vendors.

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